Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Fashion sense

Lately the weather here has been down right magnificent! It's been 21 C (70 F) or above for the past three days. Hell, that would qualify as summer in Edmonton...and a long one at that! And with the warm weather everyone is getting outside. I even got Deirdre to skip her class Monday night to join me for a bike ride around the lakes. She's a lot faster on a bike than I imagined, and rather cute with a bike helmet on too.

However with this warm weather something that isn't so cute has been popping up. I've seen this daily now since Monday and I'm sure I will see more of it as the warm days continue. What am I talking about? Well, it's not socks with sandals (though I have seen a lot of those as well), I'm talking about plaid shorts! Light coloured, plaid styles from the mid-70's worn by geeky comp-sci or engineering guys with really skinny bodies (yes I know I'm skinny) , black t-shirts and thick glasses.

Now I can't claim to be perfect, well I can..and do sometimes...but there is proof that I'm not, some of it photographic. So until the day comes that I have found and destroyed all photos of my shortcomings and sufficiently bribed or intimidated (yeah, I know it's all going to have to be bribes) those who know my past, let's just say that I'm not perfect. But I sure as hell will not wear plaid shorts!

I don't know who's bright idea it was to come up with these damn things in the first place. I have a feeling it can be blamed on the golfers, they had plaid pants and I bet they think they are cool. Damn I can just picture the first pair now, the result of a pair of scissors and plaid pants...plaid cut-off shorts!

My question is why? Not only do why do people make the damn things, not why they buy them, but why do they think that they look good? Who knows, maybe it's a Minnesota thing and they miss not being able to wear their plaid jackets when it gets warm out. All I know is that if you ever see me looking like the guy below (even on Halloween) carefully approach me and suggest that I may want to visit with the nice men in the white suits at the place with the padded rooms.


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